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test drive meme

Welcome to Fazbear's Fright: The Horror Attraction! Interested in the game but not sure if your character would fit in the setting? Then this meme is for you! Hell, bring in anyone you want, even if you don't plan on applying. Everybody's thought at some point what they would do in frightening situations - they just happen to involve murderous robots in this case.

When making a top level with your character, make sure to include their full name and canon in the subject line, and whether they are original canon or AU or what have you. Keep the setting in mind for writing prompts, and have fun!
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Wash, on the other hand, had definitely met monsters he couldn't fight off on his own before, and he was not about to take giant evil teddy bears lightly; not when he'd just come from a place where giant multicolored pandas could and would flip up huge chunks of cement and try to crush people with them. Not when he still didn't know where he was, or what they were capable of. Not without his weapons and armor.

So when some idiot kid made a comment about being a ninja and then ran out the goddamn door, Wash acted quickly, lunging out of the door frame and making a grab for the kid's hood. If he could catch him, that kid would find himself yanked back into the kitchen by a very angry space marine.
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Casey made a noise like "Ghk!" as he was suddenly yanked backwards by his hood, the collar coming up to smack him in the throat. Casey has a lot of power for a body like a bunch of Popsicle sticks come to life, but it's nothing in comparison to a, you know, space marine.

"What th' heck, man!?" he hissed. Doesn't this guy know that you need a weapon if you're going to fight? And he'd already been told "no" on using the kitchen utensils because they needed to cook with them.
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Running from homicidal robots: one more reason not to skip leg day.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Wash growled - low volume, high intensity. "Are you trying to get yourself killed?"
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"I'm trying to get something to protect us with!" Casey got right up in Wash's face, snarling at him like he might bite. "I could take these things if I had a weapon!"
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So that was a yes, in so many words. The kid obviously had a lot of attitude and zero experience, which was a really good combination provided he only intended to survive for the next five minutes.

Wash bit back his temper and his urge to yell at the kid - because noise attracted the killer robots, and that was the absolute last thing they needed - and instead looked him up and down with one eyebrow raised disdainfully. "You're, what, ninety pounds soaking wet? And you think you can take them out with improvised weaponry." He didn't have to outright say just how moronic he found that plan to be; body language should be doing that for him.

"Look, if we're going to destroy them, we need a plan and better weapons than whatever you can find in the hallway. For now, lie low."
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Casey almost said that he's 115 pounds, thanks, but managed to realize that maybe that isn't the best way to convince the guy that he can totally handle himself. His own temper was very close to cutting those rational thoughts off. Right on the edge, in fact.

"I fight with stuff I find around me all the time! And I'm not waiting around for those guys to eat all of us!" Except most of the time he's surrounded by sporting equipment which is actually useful for smacking guys around. But he'll make it work, whatever he has to.

"If you've got a plan, you better say it now, 'cause Casey Jones is taking the fight to those creeps!"
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"And Casey Jones is gonna be a smear on the concrete if he runs in like fucking Leeroy Jenkins!" There was being reasonable, and then there was resisting the temptation to shake some sense into the kid- Casey. "You're not an action movie hero - you're a dumb jock in a horror movie, and they usually die for a goddamn reason! You have to be smart about this!" Wash tended to get loud when he got upset, and unfortunately, this was no exception.
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Too bad Casey did too. "You don't know anything about me, dude! I've taken on way worse stuff than this! Giant worms, alien invasions, mutated cars...How about the entire criminal underworld? Don't tell me we've gotta be smart about this!"

The real fact of the matter was that this guy clearly didn't trust Casey, and nothing made him angrier than that. "We can't just sit around talking while those things are hunting us! Right now!"
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Given that Wash's first impression of Casey involved the kid sprinting out the door on a suicide mission, he had a pretty good reason not to trust him to not get himself - and potentially other people - horribly murdered. "I don't want your life story - I want to know that you're not going to run off and get somebody killed with your idiotic misguided heroics!"

It was only then, in the space between breaths (or yells, really), that Wash heard it - lumbering footsteps approaching in the hall. None of the people here walked like that.

Well, the robots were attracted to noise...

He yanked on Casey's hood, trying to drag him flat against the wall. "Put on your mask and stand still," he hissed, pulling his own mask down over his head.
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"I-" Casey didn't get a chance to even start the thought before he was yanked against the wall by his hood, something he was already getting sick of. But he didn't have a chance voice that thought before he heard it. Something big was coming.

Casey flipped the mask down. He was used to masks, but this one seemed to amplify his breath in his ears and he hated it. He couldn't hear the footsteps until the owner came round the corner...

The stupid bird bot stared into looking into the kitchen, it's mouth and eyes wide open. The confidence that Casey had felt so strongly a moment ago had suddenly gone AWOL.

"Dude," he whispered, "it's got two sets of teeth!"
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Deep, slow breaths. In through the mouth, out through the mouth, because the mask was fetid and in through the nose was something Wash couldn't handle on top of everything else. Not right now.

He stayed as still as he could as the chicken walked into the kitchen, staring at them all the while. The only movement he risked was letting go of Casey's hood and clamping his hand on the back of the kid's neck instead - not enough pressure to hurt, but enough to emphasize the point he was trying to make, whispered through gritted teeth: "Shut. Up."
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Casey stiffened. Could this guy snap his neck? He was military or something, he could totally do that. He knew, distantly, that Wash probably wouldn't do that but Casey also couldn't quite wrestle his thoughts under control.

The bird was staring at them and they were staring back at it and someone was going to blink first. Casey knew -knew- he couldn't let it be him but this was going against every instinct he had to run over to it and wallop that stupid bird in it's dumb head.

His hands, his body was starting to shake under Wash's hand. It was hard to breath in this mask and this was so frustrating and that dumb bird wouldn't Go. Away.
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Wash's days of teamkilling were long over - at least, as far as he was concerned - but if a little intimidation got Casey to stand still, then so much the better.

Right up to the point where Casey started shaking under his grip. Great. Panic wasn't going to help either of them, and if Casey bolted or attacked he may well get the both of them killed. "Stay cool," he murmured, slowly moving his hand from the back of Casey's neck to his shoulder, trying to ground him. "Deep breaths." Wash wasn't about to tell him that everything would be fine; with that damned chicken wandering around the kitchen, it was a pretty blatant lie.

Fortunately, something about the masks worked; after another staring contest that felt like it went on forever, the chicken turned and headed out of the kitchen.
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Casey waited for a second, watching the door where the bird had exited before roughly yanking off his mask and sliding out of Wash's hand to sit on the floor. Had he even been breathing under that mask? The heavy breaths he was taking now sure suggested otherwise.

"This is so stupid," he finally said, glaring at a spot on the floor. They both could have been killed and what could Casey do about it? He felt useless, the one feeling Casey Jones hated most of all.

"It's just a kid's robot! We should be able to take that thing apart!" Where'd all his conviction go? Maybe he could make it come back if he tried hard enough...
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Wash waited for a few seconds before pulling his mask off; he wouldn't breathe a real sigh of relief until they were all out of this hellhole, but there was definitely something to be said for actual breathing. He headed for the door, carefully peeking into the hallway - just because he couldn't hear the animatronics coming didn't mean they weren't there. They had proven to be sneaky bastards, and he wasn't about to take any chances. Still, there was nothing in the hall; the chicken had wandered off to part unknown, and it didn't look like anything else was interested in the kitchen right then. They probably had a few minutes. Good.

Casey didn't look too good - staring death in the face tended to do that to a person. Plus, as tough as he acted, he was still a kid. He sounded like he'd had his share of horror stories, sure, but nothing like this - where your enemy was bigger than you and could rip you apart without warning, where everything smelled like death and survival was not a guarantee, where you slept with one eye open in the hopes of making it to tomorrow intact. Wash didn't have anything exactly like this either, but he had war with the Covenant and that was close enough.

Although war didn't usually have ice cream. That was the one thing this place had going for it. He crossed the kitchen, gathered the essentials - bowls, spoons, the ice cream itself - and was sitting next to Casey a minute later, offering him a bowl of mint chocolate chip. "With a good plan and enough preparation, we probably could," he replied. "Anything aside from that will just get us killed."
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When Casey fights, he has gear. He has his hockey sticks and his homemade taser. He has room to maneuver and skates to do it with. He has opponents that react when you smash a bat over their heads and who deserve exactly that.

He has friends backing him up, and he has no reason to fear.

Remove all of that and you don't have a huge amount left. His normal approach of running in head-first hollering a battle cry is exactly what will get his head bit off. Casey takes the bowl of ice cream, but he doesn't eat it right away. He stirs it rapidly until it softens.

"Yeah...but what can we do?" He says through a mouthful of ice cream. What do they have? The kitchen is fully stocked, but they can't do anything useful with the swinging weapons. "We'd need to...I dunno, get it on it's back or somethin'."
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If Casey needed backup, he was sitting next to a marine who wasn't about to let some idiot kid run off and die on his own. All he needed to do was ask.

Wash shook his head at Casey's idea, swallowing a spoonful of ice cream. "They're machines. Surface damage might not slow them down." If the ceiling fox was any indication, they probably didn't even notice it. No, they'd need to think bigger. "If we're going to take one out, it needs to be all at once. Shrapnel bomb, maybe, but we'd need to trap it first to make sure it couldn't get away. It'll take a lot of planning, and someone who knows a lot about chemistry." Improvising explosives was complicated enough when you had the right materials; it got exponentially more difficult when your only materials came from kitchens and supply closets.
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Too bad Casey sucks at asking for help. Because of course he does.

Wow, that made him kind of wish Donnie was here. That was new. But he'd probably have these things exploded before they even knew what the heck happened to them, so yeah, wishing Donnie was here right now seemed pretty reasonable.

"We can't just get under th' suit part and yank out the wires? Seriously, why don't we just...I dunno, trip it or something and get at it with one of the kitchen knives? If it's two of us then we can probably wreck the motor easy."

Yeah, it's a rough plan, but it's simple and workable if they were quick enough. And if another robot didn't get on top of them while they were working the first one. And if these things were haunted or something.
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Well, okay, he'll get it whether he likes it or not. So there.

Casey got a very long, unimpressed stare for that suggestion. Was he kidding? Hadn't they just talked about this? "I can't even tell you the number of things that could go wrong with that plan, and if any of them happen, the robot will just roll over and tear your head off." Literally. There was a body in Pirate's Cove that proved it. Add that to the litany of things Wash would never be able to unsee.

"Plus, have you seen the spider fox thing? It's nothing but metal and a mask. If they're all like that on the inside, a kitchen knife's not going to take care of it. And we don't know how they work! They could have motors, or be magic, or possessed, or..." He waved his spoon ineffectually, failing to come up with another hypothetical power source. "...something. Point being, physical contact with the murder bots is a bad idea."
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"And how do ya think we're gonna make an explosive? Just throw all the cleaning supplies in a bucket and light it? We'd burn the whole place down, dude!" Which might not be a bad idea, actually, but they should probably wait until they were out of the building first.

Casey tipped the bowl back and gobbled the rest of the ice cream before standing up and walking to the sink. He tossed the bowl in it and started rummaging through the drawers.

"Maybe we can at least make some traps to slow 'em down..."
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"That would be the 'knowledge of chemistry' part," Wash deadpanned, biting back a comment about whether or not Casey's ears were working.

He chose to savor his ice cream, watching Casey rattle through the drawers and trying not to think about how badly he wanted Fang and Melody with him right now. If he wasn't in the realm of dreams anymore (and he wasn't sure whether he was or not, with all signs pointing to this place being a living nightmare), and they weren't with him, then where could-

He shut that train of thought down; it led to memories and emotions he couldn't afford to entertain right now. At least he'd had plenty of practice not thinking about things. "If we're going to make traps, we need to let everyone know. The last thing we need is to kill an ally."
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"And you can get all those chemicals together before they catch you? And there's enough to take out all four of these guys?" Casey doesn't always go for the cerebral solutions and this guy's plan sounds about as feasible to Casey as Casey's plan sounded to him.

And also Casey is incredibly stubborn.

Hey, a drawer of kitchen towels. He pulled the entire thing out and walked back over to Wash. "Yeah, yeah, don't worry...Help me tie these together so we can string 'em across the door."